The Professional Competence of General Education Teachers in the Context of Digitalized Education

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Vladimir A. Adolf, Denis V. Grak, Konstantin V. Adolf, Sergey S. Sitnichuk, Andrey I. Kondratyuk


The instantaneous shift of the education system to distance education technologies and e-learning during the pandemic brought up to date the issue of teacher competence in the context of the digital transformation of the teaching process. One of the frequent problems related to the above-mentioned issue is the competence of teachers in the face of the sudden switch of the educational environment to digitalization.

This study aims to detect the trajectory of the digital transformation of the teacher’s professional competence in the context of digitalization of society and to attract the attention of relevant authorities and organizations to the need to improve the digital aspect of the teacher’s professional competence. Updates are made to the content of the professional competence of general education teachers in terms of development of digital ways to fulfil professional needs.

Research methods. The paper analyzes data provided by educational authorities, research studies on the digital transformation of the education system’s components and instructional and legal documents published by competent authorities in the field of education.

            Research results. The main digitalization-related professional challenges requiring legal intervention are defined, and consideration is given to problematic pedagogical situations resulting from teachers’ insufficient preparedness for work in the current context. A systemic relationship between the digital and professional competence of general education teachers is brought into focus.

Conclusion. The digital transformation of teacher competence concerns most aspects of teachers’ professional activities and requires the attention of researchers and teachers to the development of the digital component of teaching competence.

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