Accountability of Political Party Campaign Funds Reports in Indonesia: Spreading from Sanctions to Impressions

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Henry Windrianto Darmoko, Dwi Cahyo Utomo, Abdul Rahman


In the context of the 2019 legislative elections in Indonesia, the reporting of campaign funds by political parties is an obligation reinforced by regulations, and has sanctions for those who violate them, so how do political parties respond to and implement them? This needs to be revealed so that it can contribute to the development of knowledge and evaluation for electoral authority. This study was conducted to reveal the accountability practices of political party campaign funds reports in legislative elections in Indonesia. Accountability is recognized as a valuable concept even though it is difficult to understand and is considered ambiguous and has many forms. The results of interpretive research with coding analysis found that in each political party, those who prepared of campaign funds reports differed, from officers, administrators, loyal followers to consultants. The choice of parties who prepare reports is influenced by the conditions of each political party, the dominant influence is the attention of the central political parties and the number of constituencies. The results also found that the motives for accountability of campaign funds reports by political parties spread from just to avoid sanctions, to get legitimation to give an impression.


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