Support of the Organization in Indonesia’s Private College (Studies at Private Universities in West Java)

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Ratna Komala Putri*, Syifa Nuraprilia, Ujang Heru


This paper aims to analyze and produce a study of Organizational Support in Private Universities in Indonesia. This research is a descriptive study using a quantitative approach, to find a conceptual model of organizational support in private universities in Indonesia. Based on empirical research it was found that organizational support at private universities in West Java was not strong enough. Trainings related to research and publication have not been carried out regularly. The leadership does not provide enough encouragement for lecturers to conduct scientific research and publications, there is no incentive for lecturers who have achievements in research and scientific publications. The university has not provided the opportunity for lecturers to conduct seminars / conferences or scientific publications. Unavailability of funds for attending seminars, conferences and scientific publications. The research sample was 275 respondents from several lecturers at private universities in West Java. The findings of this study are very useful for leaders in tertiary institutions and lecturers in increasing strong organizational support This research provides a useful contribution, because studies on organizational support in private universities are still very rare.

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