The Effect of Advertising and Price on Purchase Decision to Popular Milk Coffee Products in the Pandemic Era in Bandung

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Wijaya, Ni Putu Nurwita Pratami*, Sudrajat, Ricky Kurniawan, Tika, Klara, Mulyana Rizal, Nusantara, Muhammad Wahid


This study aims to determine how advertisements and prices affect coffee milk product purchasing decisions during the Bandung City Pandemic Era. The factors tested in this study are advertising and price as independent variables, and purchasing decisions as dependent variables. This research uses descriptive and verification methods. The population in this study were milk coffee products that were marketed during the Bandung City pandemic era. The sampling technique used was probability sampling with simple random sampling technique, so that the total number was 100 people. The analytical method used is multiple linear regression analysis using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Vers.25.00. The results showed that advertisements and prices had an effect on purchasing decisions for milk coffee products during the Bandung City Pandemic Era. In addition, the total effect of advertising and price on a purchase decision is 61.0%.

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