The Effect of Billboards and Influencer Ads on Consumer Purchase Intention with Brand Awareness as an Intervening Variable (A Survey on Prepp Studio)

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Rizki Ramdan Hartanto*, Eva Mukaromah, Mega Aprilia, Rezki Ardimel Putra, Annisa Lisdayanti


During the Covid 19 pandemic, the Indonesian government imposed rules that limit human interaction to socialize directly with each other. This makes outdoor marketing less effective because most people are at home. However, this was broken by Arief Muhammad's acquisition campaign for Prepp Studio, which went viral in mid-October 2020. Based on a pre-survey conducted on 30 people who had seen the billboard advertisement directly in Jakarta, it showed that the majority of respondents claimed to be interested in the campaign carried out, but it is contrary to the majority of respondents who did not have the interest to buy Prepp Studio products. This research uses a descriptive method that aims to find out how respondents respond to billboards advertisements, influencers, brand awareness and purchase interest. In addition, the use of the verification method which aims to know the influence of billboards and influencer advertisements on brand awareness which has an impact on buying Prepp Studio products. The sample of this research is 106 people who have seen the billboard advertisement directly in Jakarta. The results of the research on the first regression model show that the effect value between billboards advertising variables and influencers has an influence on consumer purchase interest by 36.9%, while the second regression model shows the influence of all independent variables on the dependent variable is 63.1%, whereas 35.9% is influenced by other factors that are not tested in this research such as the role of social media and brand image.

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