Analysis of Student Social Interactions During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Case Study of D3 Management Student of Widyatama University)

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Pipin Sukandi*, Muhammad Eriv Kautsar, Mochamad Yazid Zidane, Tendi Permana, Syauqihusna Alfaruqi


Social interaction is an important part of social life, because without social interaction there will be no common life. Therefore, social interaction is said to be the main factor in social life. With the COVID-19, students experience difficulties and a few obstacles in carrying out social interaction activities. This research is an experimental research with qualitative methods. By using a case study approach, this study aims to determine how the COVID-19 pandemic time affects student social interactions. This study took 146 respondents who were active students in the management department of the D3 study program class 2017 to 2020. The results showed 49 (33.6%) responses from 146 target respondents, which were tracked from active D3 study program management students, 5 respondents (3.42%) from students’ class 2017, 17 respondents (11.7%) from class 2018 students, 20 respondents (13.7%) from class 2019 students, and 7 respondents (4.8%) from class students 2020.

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