The Effect of Product Quality, Service Quality, Trust in Product Decision Making Process at Yomart Sarimanah

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Yenny Maya Dora*, Iqbal Septiyan Nugraha, Krisna Septian Adytia, Achmad Zaini Dahlan, Febrianus Manasye


A very drastic change has occurred since the 19th Covid-19 hit the world. Where everyone should be familiar with health professionals using prevent the transmission of coronavirus. Likewise, his behaviour in searching, choosing, buying and using them has changed greatly. Hence, entrepreneur must be able to follow the changes, so that his business can continue. His research was conducted to find out the influence of Product Quality, Service Quality, Trust in the Process of Decision-Taking Process at YOMART Sarimanah. The method used in his research is descriptive and verify with a sample of 100 visitors YOMART Sarimanah. The data obtained by the coalition uses SPSS. The results of his research obtained the quality of products that are guaranteed security, quality services are fast and good, trust in the credibility of YOMART Sarimanah has a significant influence on the Purchasing Process on YOMART Sarimanah.

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