Technical Factors Facilitating the quality of Arabic-English translation and vice versa in Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz university –Wadi-addawasir – A Case Study

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Hassan Musa Mohammad Aldaw


This research aims to investigate the different technical factors that influence the quality of translation and identifying the constraints that the translators experience. It highlights the challenges that facilitate the quality of Arabic-English translation and vice versa. Precisely, it discusses the challenges faced by both students and instructors in the universities of Saudi Arabia in general and the University of Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz (college of Arts and Science – Wadi addawasir) in particular. A descriptive and prescriptive method was used, where data was collected via test which analyzed students’ translation errors. The test was analyzed both quantitatively (statistically) and qualitatively (error analysis). The results showed that the quality of translation negatively impacts the translators' experience; lack of linguistic knowledge, local cultural background, pragma-stylistic and the traditional pedagogical atmosphere. Simultaneously, the perfection of the translation process also needs much practice. The findings necessitate a reform, remedies or modification of the teaching materials and methodologies or students’ admission processes to English language departments.

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