Literature Review of Work Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Job Loyalty

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Aditya Syah Maulana*, Rindi Nurdiansyah, Andika Saputra Permana, Dwi Nur Puspa,


This research was conducted to obtain constructs regarding definitions and indicators of work motivation, definitions and indicators of job satisfaction, definitions and indicators of job loyalty. The research method used is a literature review which is taken from the opinions of experts in several literatures, both textbooks and journals. The results of the study define that work motivation is an energy boost that arises from within employees who give passion to do a job effectively, efficiently and maximally in order to achieve the expected goals, in which there are several indicators defining work motivation. In addition, job satisfaction is a positive feeling that arises from within employees about the love and satisfaction of employees for the work they do. High job satisfaction can increase employee motivation and loyalty, on the other hand, low job satisfaction can reduce employee motivation and loyalty, where job satisfaction is determined by several indicators. Finally, job loyalty is employee loyalty and compliance to the organization and their work. Job loyalty is the willingness of an employee to exert all of his abilities, energy and creativity for his job and the company where he carries out his daily work activities, where job loyalty is determined by several indicators.

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