Development of Enterprise Architecture Using Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) Based on the Zachman’s Framework Approach

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Cindy Octaviani*, Sugetta Fino Raedi, Muhammad Iqbal, Cucu Ridwan Gunawan, Hari Supriadi, S.T., M.Kom


Dr. Agoes clinic is a company engaged in the health sector. To support the business process, Dr. Agoes has a patient data information system. However, this system has several drawbacks because it is not yet fully integrated. Therefore, this research is conducted to analyze and design an enterprise architecture information system, in order to create an overview of the information systems needed to support the business processes. This study aims to integrate the system in the clinic by defining the data architecture, application architecture and technology architecture, which later can provide a reference in the development of an integrated system in the clinic. The methodology used in integrating the system in this clinic is an Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) framework. The stages of this thinking framework begin with the planning initiation stage, then proceed with the stage of analyzing current conditions, namely business modeling and current systems and technology. Then the third stage is to define an architecture consisting of data, applications and technology. In the final stage, the stages of the implementation or migration plan will be explained. This research produces a blueprint document that can be used as a guide in developing an integrated system as well as a solution to the problems at Dr. Agoes clinic, so that there are no longer data clusters that cause difficulties in making cross-sectional reports

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