The Effect of Teachers’ Productivity on Performance During the Covid 19 Pandemic (Case Study at Istiqamah Elementary School Bandung)

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Pipin Sukandi*, Syafa Aulia Rizqi Ramadhan, Vinny Alviany, Wiedy Noer Juniarz, Alda Ainun Rizkia


At the beginning of 2021 the Covid 19 pandemic has not been significantly reduced, in fact the decision of the education minister Nadiem Makarim to allow face-to-face schools planned in early 2021 should be withdrawn because the local government does not give permission because of situations and conditions that have not been possible to do face-to-face learning, with the statement that online learning still continues until an undetermined time limit, it affects the productivity of teachers such as teachers who are considered ineffective with distance learning or online compared to doing face-to-face learning such as in schools, such conditions affect the performance of teachers.

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