Heuristic Evaluation of PAWOON Website Portal Information System

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Yosy*, Sham Akbar Octafian, Krisna Ilafat Mustofa, Siti Maryam Alizza, Sri Lestari


The website portal is a means of information for companies to introduce profiles companies, job vacancies, and their products to the public or their users. Evaluation heuristics (Nielsen 1190) is a research method used to test usability of PAWOON website portal information system. In this heuristic evaluation, there are ten Nielsen principle, namely; Visibility of System Status, Match with The Real World, User Control and Freedom, Consistency and Standards, Error Prevention, Recognition Than Recall, Flexibility and Efficiency of Use, Aesthetic and Minimalist Designs, Help User Recognize, Diagnose and Recover from Errors, and Help and Documentation. This study involved 5 evaluators playing a role as an ideas giver, critics, and evaluators who carried out their role by using 10 aspects of usability as material analysis. The results of the analysis show that there are independent variables that have a dominant influence on the usability of the application, namely: visibility of system variable, recognition rather than recall variable, error prevention variable, flexibility and efficiency of use variable, and help and documentation variable. Furthermore, the results of the questionnaire index value show that the information system of PAWOON website portal has a sufficient severity rating, with a value of 1.19, which fulfills heuristic evaluation criteria.

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