Using Data Mining with C45 Algorithm for Student Data Classification

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Iwan Rijayana*, Muhammad Ikhsanul Fikri, Ilham Fachrur Razaq, Rikza Syahbana Achlafass, Rizki Noorreza Allshal


Analyzing data usually takes a long time, and is very complicated in its processing, even though the results are needed for decision making. For this reason, data mining is needed that can process data analysis using the software so that it finds a pattern and rules in the data set. Data mining can analyze data into information in the form of patterns that have meaning for decision support. One technique in data mining is data classification using a decision tree with the C45 Algorithm method. In this research, data mining software is created using the C45 algorithm method. The result is to be able to find a model or function that will explain or differentiate data classes, intending to be able to estimate the class of an object whose label is unknown.

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