Promotion, Product Quality, and Price on Purchase Decisions on Duldimsum Outlet

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Della Maldini, Febran Mohamad Perkasa, Muhammad Irfansyah, Pujianti, Keni Kaniawati*


In the preliminary research, it is revealed that there is a gap between promotion, product quality, and price that affects consumer purchasing decisions at the Duldimsum Outlet. This preliminary research states that sales at Duldimsum are more carried out offline than online, even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, this study aims to reveal the effect of promotional variables, product quality, and price on purchasing decisions on online dim sum purchases at the Duldimsum Outlet. The factors tested in this study were the promotion variable, product quality, and price as independent variables; while purchasing decisions as the dependent variable. The research method used is descriptive and verification research methods. Data collection techniques used were observation techniques and questionnaire distribution. The population in this study were consumers of Duldimsum Outlet who bought products offline or directly with a research sample of 100 respondents. The sampling technique used by this study was purposive sampling technique. The data analysis used is multiple linear regression analysis. Data measurement obtained through questionnaires for independent variables is in a form of ordinal data. The research paradigm used in this study is partially and simultaneously. Partially, promotion variables and product quality influence purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, the price variable partially has no effect on purchasing decisions. Furthermore, the promotion variables, product quality, and price simultaneously influence purchasing decisions. In the end, the results of this study have shown that the three independent variables, namely promotion, product quality and price, have an effect on the determination of the dependent variable, namely offline and online consumer purchasing decisions at the Duldimsum Outlet.

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