The Influence of Electronic Word of Mouth and Discount on Purchase Decisions at Traveloka App During Covid-19 (Survey on Traveloka User in Bandung 2020)

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Dina Suciati*, Apprillia Rosandi, Dinda Trijanuar, Febby Amalia, Ryan Kurniawan


This study aims to find out the effect of the Electronic Word of Mouth and Discount on Purchasing Decisions on the Traveloka application in Bandung. This study uses a quantitative approach with 100 Traveloka application users as the respondents. The data analysis technique used multiple regression analysis which was processed using SPSS25 software. The main data of this study were obtained from distributing questionnaires; and secondary data obtained through reviewing journal publications and textbooks. The results showed that the two variables, electronic word of mouth and discount, had a significant influence on purchasing decisions. However, the discount variable has a smaller effect on purchasing decisions. This shows that Traveloka application users in Bandung have other variables of considerations in making purchasing decisions; not just considering the discount variable.

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