University Social Responsibility and Self Efficacy as Antecedents of Intention to use E-Learning: Examining Mediating Role of Student Satisfaction.

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Jawad Ali, Muhammad Azeem, Muhammad Yousuf Khan Marri, Shahzad Khurram


The main objective of the present study is to assess the relationship of university social responsibility, and self- efficacy on intention to use online learning. Moreover, mediation effect of student satisfaction is examined as well. Present study distributed questionnaire among 576 students through convenient sampling. The response rate of the present study was 68%. The collected data was assessed by using PLS-SEM through PLS 3.3.2. The findings of the study show there exist positive relationship between Self efficacy, university social responsibility and intention to use e-learning. Moreover, mediating role of student satisfaction is also confirmed. Present study fills the gap of limited studies conducted regarding Convid-19 for Pakistani universities. The findings of the present study are helpful for the policy makers of university sector.

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