A Treatise on the effects of the pandemic on Smartphone sales, in India, 2020

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Sachin Bhardwaj


The year 2020, witnessed what is arguably the most eventful 365 days,to the closing of a decade of similarly monumental changes in the course of history.India too has undergone a change in the seat of power, the ideological implications of which will steer the country into the new decade. An important aspect of these changes, is the altering relations with superpowers like China and the USA, especially in light of the global pandemic that has caught unawares, most nations in the world.Diplomatic resolveis rarely contained within the political boardrooms, and more often than not, decisions taken by our leaders find the common man grappling with unexpected challenges in everyday living- a part of which also relates to the smartphone revolution that completed 27 years in India, with the poor surpassing the Personal computer and landline stages, to connect directly to the world wide net. This paper will enquire into the extent of permeation of the pandemic situations, into the thriving smartphone market of the second most populous country. It will also outline the underlying currents that allowed for both negatives and positives to operate towards an altogether shift of masses’ sentiments towards certain products. Finally, a thorough correlation of facts and available figures and graphs to drive home the conclusion.

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