The Indonesian Grammar Test: What Foreigners Need to Know

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Memet Sudaryanto, Ely Triasih Rahayu


Indonesian has a linguistic structure that can easily be understood due to its alphabetical use of the Latin script. Indonesian also has a linguistic structure that includes regularly updates to spelling. This study is intended (1) to map the grammatical materials that must be understood systematically by foreign learners of the language, and (2) to estimate the ability of foreign speakers to successfully complete Indonesian-language grammar tests. This is a mixed methods study, combining qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative approaches were used for needs assessment, material construction, and in-depth interviews regarding foreigners' perspectives, while quantitative approaches were used for item mapping and estimating testees' abilities. Data were verified in accordance with the characteristics of their sources. Based on the competence of foreign speakers, six tiers of foreign speakers' grammar competence were identified. Furthermore, this study identifies specific characteristics of Indonesian, develops materials for testing foreign speakers' grammatical abilities, and maps grammar competencies from the perspective of foreign speakers.


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