Literacy Transformation In Twitter User Dialectics: A Library Context In Indonesia

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Nurhayani Saragih Rini Sudarmanti, M.Si


Dialectics and libraries are two sides of a coin that have an important role in changing social transformation. Dialectics can change the opinions, affections, and actions of others. While the library is a means for the public world to be constructed. Through Twitter as the most widely used social media, social action and transformation through literacy awareness and library care is possible. The approaches in this study use social dialectics and virtual communication. This study aims to analyze twitter users' conversations about the library from July 1 to 2019 using Ncapture from the Nvivo version 10. Analysis of the data in addition to applying word frequency queries (searches with the most frequently occurring words) as well as membership category analysis (MCA) for describing the activities, ratings, events, and rules of conversation of Twitter users. The results of the study explain 40 accounts that are actively discussing the library of 4,078 conversations, boasting four keywords that most often arise from searches with the word library, namely: books, literacy, information, and collections. This library dialectics construct to externalization process such as a common motivation; internalization process such as hope, perception; and objectification process such as social action to create a better literacy transformation in Indonesia.


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