Good Public Governance Towards Society 5.0 in Indonesia: A Review

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Herie Saksono, Worry Mambusy Manoby


The existence of society 5.0 has become more visible since the concept was released in Japan. On the other hand, Good Public Governance (GPG) is expected to trigger the growth of a super-smart society. Along with the pace of technological development and innovation creation, GPG has not been embedded in people's daily lives because there is no platform to be prepared for society 5.0. This study aims to examine the dynamics and problems that occur in the management of GPG in Indonesia in the process towards society 5.0. The approach used is qualitative with analysis techniques through a literature review. The management of GPG is considered not optimal, in line with the performance of GPG in the central and local governments which has not been widely published. From the results of the analysis, it is found that there are problems that have not been resolved in the efforts of the GPG to encourage the realization of society 5.0 in Indonesia. The practical implications offered are: improvement of internet infrastructure that reaches remote areas, preparation of legal frameworks, a collaboration between state institutions and with corporations, and strengthening of innovative policies based on research that supports society 5.0. This paper provides specific recommendations that can be used to manage GPG in preparing community 5.0 in Indonesia.


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