The Best Counseling Methods for Fishermen in Overcoming Coral Reef Ecosystem Damage in Pasawaran Regency

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Freddy Johanis Rumambi, Adri Frans Assa


This study was conducted to determine the effect of extension methods and achievement motivation on knowledge about the impact of damage to coral reef ecosystems. This research was conducted using a mixed-method that is quantitatively supported by qualitative data from interviews to achieve this goal. Quantitative method used for fishers in Padang Cermin Subdistrict, Pasawaran Lampung Regency with n = 60 using 2X2 factorial. While the Qualitative Method conducted interviews with several Fishermen, Padang Cermin District Head, Sanggit Village Head, Community Social Institutions (NGOs) Concerned with Lampung Environmental Reform and Development and SatuanMarkas Officer at Pangkalan TNI AL Lampung.

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