The reliance of the Jordanian daily newspapers on the Jordan News Agency as the main source of news and its impact on content

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Dr. Majid numan Al-Khudari, Dr.muhamad lamel al_quraan , Dr. Ashraf Faleh Al-Zoubi,


Since the emergence of news agencies in the world, these agencies have become part of the global and local media scene, and newspapers cannot dispense with the services provided by agencies, especially the major news agencies in the world, which are the French Sons Agency, the British Sons Agency, the two American news agencies, the Associated Press and the United Press, as these agencies have become It controls the flow of news across the world, and newspapers prefer to rely on them for news due to the low cost and easy access to news.

In Jordan, like other countries of the world, the media relies heavily on news agencies to obtain news, as major news agencies are relied upon to obtain international and Arab news, while the Jordanian Sons Agency "Petra" is relied upon to obtain local news.

The Jordanian News Agency dominates the Jordanian newspapers that publish the news issued by this agency, which is considered the official and only official agency in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This agency focuses on publishing official news, especially news issued by the royal court, the presidency of the government and other official institutions, as there is almost a monopoly on these news. By the agency that provides its services to Jordanian newspapers, Jordanian news sites, and radio and television stations for free.

This study is classified within descriptive research, and the researcher relied on the survey method. Three Jordanian daily newspapers were tracked, namely Al-Rai, Al-Dustur, and Al-Ghad. All news published in these three newspapers were scanned for a period of fifteen days.

The study revealed that 38% of the news published in these newspapers

Extracted from Jordan News Agency

The study also found that the three daily newspapers under consideration depend heavily on the Jordan News Agency for news

This makes the relationship between agencies and newspapers almost completely dependent.


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