Developing a System for Teaching Effectiveness by Student Classification of Teacher Attributes at the University of Lahore College for Women University

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Hafsah Batool Lahore, Nabeela Nazly


As teaching effectiveness is crucial for achieving academic excellence, teachers' attributes contributing towards teaching effectiveness are worth exploring. This study examines 300 BS. Education and Economics students' perception of teachers' characteristics who have taught them. Accordingly, teachers are categorized based on scores of attributes obtained through student ratings. Association between teacher attributes and overall teaching effectiveness is found, and finally, a teaching effectiveness framework is designed based on characteristics, which were significantly associated with teaching effectiveness. The majority (>60%) of students rated all attributes under the medium category, with 54.64% and 50.61% of students placing (rating) overall teaching effectiveness under the high and medium sort respectively, with 17.61 % under the low category. Also, all attributes were found to be positively correlated with overall teaching effectiveness. Out of 30 items under all attributes, 22 items significantly associated with teaching effectiveness were included in the teaching effectiveness framework. In light of the findings, we give teachers suggestions regarding their teaching attributes as perceived by students.

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