Disharmony Restorative Justice In The Law Of The Child Criminal Justice System And Regulation Mahkama Agung In The Implementation Of Diversion

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Fajar Ari Sudewo, Arif Zainudin


Children as the next generation of the nation should get special attention. It aims in the framework of fostering children to realize quality human resources. Therefore, legal facilities and infrastructure are also needed that anticipate all problems that arise. This legal facility aims to anticipate the stigma or evil stamp caused when the child faces the Law and restores and re-socializes the child. One solution is to divert or put child abusers out of the criminal justice system and provide an alternative to the settlement with a justice approach in the child's best interests, which came to be known as the restorative justice approach. Restorative justice, which is the implementation of Diversion, has been formulated in the child criminal justice system, but a sound system must be accompanied by an attitude imbued with the will to look at and believe that the world is always better. Besides, the principle of the children's best interest should always take precedence when dealing with children facing the Law.

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