Suggestions for GPS Internet Websites

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Aeesha Sdeek Shaheen


Any website is comprised of many components that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the website one of these components is the sitemap. An excellent site will be wasted if the user cannot access the information or facilities that searching for. So if the user-provided with efficient and user-friendly navigation will maximize the abilities to find and retrieve information from a website and prevent users to be confused, lost, and then leave the site. Designing the navigation system must think as someone see the site for the first time. GPS navigation style or the new Site maps style easy to understand and present an alternative method of navigating the site, It helps the user to find the required page immediately and Increasing the efficient discovery and getting a high-performance for clients and search engines by provides a simple and effective browsing style by converting sitemaps to graph each page as graph node and each link as graph edges after user moving from node to node the browser will display all links of the new node according to web site content so that clients can choose the most appropriate access and navigate the web site using GPS style the new browsing style.


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