The Problem Of Translation Of Neologisms In English Mass Media Into The Uzbek Language

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Sayfullo NURTAEV et al.


The lexicon of the Uzbek language is also enriched on the basis of external sources. There is no language in the world that develops on the basis of its own internal capabilities without mentioning other languages. The Uzbek language is no exception. It is useful to refer to external sources only when it is not possible to express it on the basis of the internal possibilities of our own language, which represents a new concept due to a certain necessity. English words in our language can be divided into thematic groups in the field of socio-political, economic, cultural, educational and sports. The English mastery of the thematic group of sports has become so widespread since independence that it is convenient and appropriate to study them in a systematic way, separating them from the words of the cultural and educational sphere. Nowadays, many of these words are actively used in oral and written speech as modern layering words. Today, many neologisms that are not yet recorded in our dictionaries are used in the press. In particular, many lexemes used in the field of information technology do not have the recommended variants in Uzbek dictionaries. In our opinion, if necessary, they should be translated into Uzbek in accordance with the nature of our language and included in our dictionaries.        

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