Enhancing The Reading Comprehension Of The Tribal Students Using Peculiar Classroom Methodlogy

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Dr. S. RADHIKA, R. D. Gomathi, S. NIVEDHA


English is one of the most common foreign languages because people from different countries use English as a common language to communicate. In most of schools, students from many countries study their subjects in English. All the four skills were given equal importance among them the paper focuses on the reading skill. The main aim of this paper was to show the improvement of reading comprehension through Jigsaw technique for the high school students. Using this Jigsaw technique it is proved that the language skills have been improved. The methodology was carried out inside the classroom. The study was done for two groups experimental group and control group for the selected population. Questionnaire was used to test the student’s improvement in each cycle. Analysis was done for each phase. The collected data was analysed and formulated using SPSS software. The final result shows that the students improved their reading skills through Jigsaw technique. With the help of this technique the students improved their reading comprehension and they were improvised to use it individually

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