Malay Deli’s Cultural Efforts to Preserve its Tradition in Facing the Globalisation Flow

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Rahmat Kartolo, Asnawi, Sutikno


The cultural continuity and changes the Ethnic Malay Deli of North Sumatra take the leaders, researchers, activists and artisan. This paper explored the process of cultural changes due to globalisation. Malay Deli cultural continuity was used an ethnographic study object which involved the observation, interviews, and Focus Discussion Group, as well as documentary analysis. Data collection shows  that the globalisation trend not only resulted in the intervening of global cultural products, but the Malay Deli culture continuity. Social Media, Television, fashion products have made the Malay Deli community adapted the global culture. The preservation attempts of Malay leaders and artisants such the festivals and celebrations of cultural enactments to uphold the Ethnic Malay identity in Medan Municipal of Sumatra not so happy. It showed that the Ethnic Malay Deli had created many events since 2013 to get their cultural events known in the Southeast Asian region, but the changes tend to grow. A well design cultural program is needed to implement to preserve the Malay Deli culture.

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