Hallyu in Mongolia: Its Meaning and Socio-Political Implications

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Min-Soo Kang et al.


Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, began in the early 20th century in South Korea with a small presence. However, Hallyu gradually spread rapidly to East Asian nations such as Japan and China. As of 2021, Hallyu has become a distinctive Korean popular culture that people around the world embrace. Mongolia is no exception to this trend. Although there are various types of Hallyu in Mongolia, this study will focus on K-drama, K-movie, K-pop, and K-food to highlight their characteristics and influence. This study will argue that Hallyu has a spirit unique to South Korea that will be accepted by people of all ethnicities beyond simple entertainment interests. This spirit transcends the language and culture of each country and is the creative fusion force that everyone can share. In conclusion, this study will show that Hallyu in Mongolia can be used as an important source for social and political innovation as well as the popularity of Korean culture.

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