The Establishment and Development of Vietnam Industrial Park – Singapore Binh Duong – Some Experience

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Dr. Ngo Hong Diep, Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa


Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park Binh Duong was established in 1996, is a symbol of friendship and economic cooperation between Vietnam and Singapore. With an approach to dialectical materialism combined with a historical perspective, the article uses historical methods and qualitative analysis on historical causes, the formation and development process of Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park Binh Duong. With the above analysis, the article gives some comments about the experience from the Vietnam - Singapore Binh Duong industrial park model. The article also discusses the issues: the Vietnam - Singapore industrial park model complements the theory of the Communist Party of Vietnam on socialist-oriented multi-sector economic development; inherit the experiences of Vietnam - Singapore industrial park in building this industrial park model in Vietnam; contribution of Vietnam - Singapore industrial park to Binh Duong and make Binh Duong the second Singapore in Asia.

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