Lecturers’ Cultural Sensitivity on Using Social Media - Facebook and Instagram

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E. Handayani Tyas , Sunarto, Lamhot Naibaho, Bernadetha Nadeak, Elferida Sormin


This study aims to identify lecturers' cultural sensitivity to using social media - Facebook and Instagram. This study was done at Universitas Kristen Indonesia. The data collection method used in this study is the quantitative method. A total of 345 lecturers were participated in answering the questionnaire. The data of this study were analyzed using SPSS Statistics and descriptive statistical analysis. This study shows that the diverse findings for the sensitivity of cultural diversity based on ethnicity, gender, level of education, the field of teaching, teaching experience, and teaching experience of students of various nationalities and cultures. The findings of this study have implications for educational knowledge and professional practice, especially for lecturers, and the academic community, higher education that offers to teach courses to play a role and take responsibility for the need to provide prospective teachers’ candidate to have a high level of cultural diversity sensitivity in line with the reality of student diversity in higher educations today on them using social media - Facebook and Instagram.

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