Learning Material in Multimedia Supporting Online Learning

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Through the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Indonesian government has determined that the teaching and learning process must be online related to Covid 19, which has not shown a decline. Online learning is not a common form of learning for education in Indonesia. Determining this online method will affect student learning outcomes if it is not managed correctly. The learning method used so far is face-to-face learning in class or laboratory. They have conducted this research by processing non-parametric statistical data on subject learning outcomes using office software 2017-2020 at Ubaya Polytechnic Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Processed five hundred sixty-six data, carried out 444 learning outcomes data face-to-face in class, and carried out 122 learning outcomes data online. To determine the characteristics of the two types of data, the Mann-Whitney test was performed. The Asymptotic Significance value in the Mann-Whitney test is 0.402. This result is more significant than 0.05, so it can be concluded that there is no significant difference in the mean learning outcomes carried out face-to-face in the laboratory with those carried out online. The author modifies the learning process by providing learning material in multimedia form to each student. In this study, questionnaires were distributed to 103 participants, which were used to measure the relationship between learning media and online learning outcomes.

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