Obstacles and Challenges of Information Technology Application on the Online Lecturing during Covid19 Pandemic Outbreaks

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Ani Cahyadi, Dias Andris Susanto, Ismail Suardi Wekke


This article is the qualitative narrative case study that have been sampled at students of 12 Universities in Indonesia. The writers applied ATLAS.TI8 to draw analyzing qualitative data results. The results of research are; There are some popular teaching applications that employed by lecturers; zoom apps, google meet apps, Microsoft teams’ apps, google classroom apps, WAG apps, you tube, and skype apps. The lecturers’ perspectives towards the effectiveness of utilizing the teaching applications in the online lecturing are; effective and efficient for; teaching theoretical subject materials; submitting paperless tasks and assignments; classroom can be held anytime and anywhere as the schedule; running on the lecturing even though no face to face interaction. On the other hand, not effective and not efficient for; teaching practical subjects; need a smartphone; need much internet quota and connection. The lecturers do to encounter the obstacles of devoting the online lecturing during the covid19 pandemic period are; technical obstacles about the belonging of appliances to support the online lecturing; the internet matters; then non-technical obstacles are about organizing the materials and maintaining the process of teaching learning. The lecturers do face the challenges of organizing the online lecturing during the covid19 pandemic outbreaks are; preparing the fitting materials and assessments; and providing the internet quota and connection to manage the online lecturing during the covid19 pandemic.

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