Development and Usability Assessment of Classroom Surveillance System for Campus Security and Productivity

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Esselyn S. Recososa


Classroom Surveillance System is an excellent system for higher learning institutions to ensure the security of students, faculty, office personnel, and its physical facilities.  This study aimed to develop a classroom surveillance system for campus security and productivity.  The study utilized developmental research.  There were four Deans, 24 IT professionals, and 24  students utilized as respondents of the study.  The instrument used in the study included the Deans’ monitoring scheme of teaching/non-teaching personnel, school facilities, and student’s assessment on the surveillance functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability, and accuracy of the newly developed and designed classroom surveillance system.  The statistical tools used were the frequency count, ranking, and weighted mean.  The study revealed that the developed Classroom Surveillance System was very much functional, very much reliable, very much usable, very much efficient, very much maintainable, and very much accurate. The university administration should adopt the Classroom Surveillance System to provide excellent surveillance and monitoring of teaching personnel, non-teaching personnel, classroom facilities, and students of the University.  Hence, the university should shift from utilizing the traditional surveillance system into a technologically oriented surveillance system.


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