Quality Assurance and Elements of Outcomes-Based Education Facility in Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines

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Merlyn N. Luza


This qualitative study seeks to evaluate the numerous elements that will complement designing a classroom facility that complements the outcomes-based education model applied among the higher education institutions in the Philippines. To find the solution to the said question, several interviews were undertaken with various university officials. At those interviews, it was discovered that the central aspect of the inquiry was the interviews done with the university officials. The findings of the study suggested that to optimize the benefits of outcomes-based education as a framework, an OBE facility should include the following elements: preparation in information technology specifications, designed as simulation room for teamwork, 21st century focused classroom, conducive for interactive learning, appropriateness of regular class size and suitable student ration, designed as the smart classroom, conducive to working skills, genuine job learning facility. The research concluded that incorporating outcomes-based instruction into a full structure will more efficiently help increase academic performance. Moreover, it is proposed that all classrooms be fitted out with the study's recommended features.

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