Inlfuence of Brain-Based Learning Stratgies on Academic Motivation, Stress and Self-Esteem of High School Students in North Banagalore

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Reshma HS, Dr Smitha M Reddy


Brain-Based Learning Strategy stimulates the whole brain for effective function which results in greater academic progress.  This being the case it is bound to result in academic motivation, removal of stress and an increase in the self-esteem of students without any doubt.

Brain-Based Learning Strategy provides a safe and threat-free environment whereby the meaningful presentation of content prepares the learners’ brains to store, process and retrieve the information in a soothing way.   The main objective of this paper is to study the influence of brain-based learning strategies on the academic motivation, stress and self-esteem of high school students in North Bangalore, identity the factors of brain-based learning which influence learning process among high school students and then move on to identifying the factors of  motivation, stress and self-esteem which influence the academic performance of high school students with respect to brain-based learning.  The results of the study have confirmed that brain-based learning would result in motivation, removal of stress and higher self-esteem thereby resulting in improved academic performance.

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