A Qualitative Study of Patient Perspectives of Their Infertility Treatment Journey from Diagnosis to Seeking Ayurvedic Treatment

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Sapre S.


Infertility among married couples is on rise and the need for infertility treatment is increasing. There are various infertility treatments available that can be categorised based on the medical systems into Allopathic treatments and non-Allopathic treatments including Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc. All these types of infertility treatments offer remedies based on the nature of diagnosed infertility and cause of the problem. Ayurveda is one of the oldest non-allopathic medical systems practised in India.

This study is aimed at understanding the patient types in Pune and the different pathways that they take while opting Ayurvedic treatmentfor infertility.This paper will also give insights about the psychological and non-psychological factors infertility patients are associated with while undergoing diagnosis and treatment

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