Association Of The Different Lips Competency With The Molar Relationship And Anterior Open Bite Malocclusion

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Akram S Alyessary, Hussein A. Alnajar, Ahmed M AL-Mayali, Rihab Mohsin Naeemah


Objective To evaluate the pattern of the sagittal molar relationship and anterior open bite and their association with different lip competency among # patients seeking orthodontic treatment. Materials and Methods The total sample included 308 patients with 122 males and 186 females.  The age ranged from 18 to 35-year-olds who were seeking orthodontic treatment with no previous orthodontic treatment history. The parameters studied were the sagittal molar relationship, anterior open bite, and lip competency. A descriptive statistic was used to analyze the data and the Chi-square test was employed to study the relationships.

Results There was a high prevalence of Angle’s class I malocclusion (60.1%) followed by class II (28.6%) and then class III malocclusion (11.4%). Lip competence was noted in about 72.1% of the patients, the rest of the patients had incompetent lips. A normal bite or deep bite was noted in 94.5% of the patients and the other patients had an anterior open bite. The majority of the incompetent lip cases (17.2% out of 27.95) were found with the class II molar relationship and about 4.9% out of 5.5% of the anterior open bite cases were found with the incompetent lips.

Conclusion Lip competency was found to be significantly associated with the pattern of sagittal molar relationship and anterior open bite. The majority of the cases (72.1%) exhibited competent lips.

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