Adoption Of The Child Does Not Go Through Court Proceedings

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Satino, Surahmad, Andriyanto Adhi Nugroho, Yuliana Yuli


This study discusses the adoption of a child, from the procedure to the shows this is one study that has long been a concern of researchers, in particular looking at adoption from the point of view of tradition or culture that is inclusive of entry on the positive law in Indonesia, the regulation governing Law Number 35 the Year 2014 on the Protection of Children, this study shows that there is still a lot happening adoption of a child outside of court, or not through the Court Process based on methodology normative juridical, and the data obtained from the library (library research) study was analyzed qualitatively with a spur on the norms, principles, and laws and regulations that exist as a norm of positive law (Statute Approach),  this study shows the regulation have been made related to the procedural removal of the child is already complete, if not followed by the public, then it will be too much loss in the received later in the day against the child in adoption when growing up, based on the society should be more given the socialization of the adoption of the child through the court, more specifically to the Supreme Court and the Ministry of internal affairs as the main stakeholders in the civil registration and the procedure of adoption of a child.

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