School Innovation Management

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Afi Parnawi, Muhammad Dwi Satriyanto, Fithri Mehdini Adiningrum, Neri Aslina, Yuli Fatimah Warosari, Andry Fitrian


School Innovation Management is an effort to manage educational institutions in the era of global reform which aims to improve the quality of education and learning with a commitment to innovation towards renewal and improving the quality of human resources so that it can be ensured that various changes will occur in society, both in the educational, social and cultural aspects. always developing. These changes are the impact of the increasingly rapid development of science and technology, which in turn will shape the characteristics of a competent society because the competition is a new principle of life, with an open and competitive world it will shape something better. Transformation and innovation are needed at this time, this will bring about a change and renewal in school management. This study aims to determine what happens in the implementation of school innovation management that takes place in the field with an educational background in Batam City. The research method uses qualitative research methods, by looking at the implementation of education applied by schools through interviews and observations related to the principles of school management which are by leadership in education and implementation in these institutions. The results of his research concluded that the implementation of school innovation management that took place in the field with an educational background in Batam City was very good, innovation and a system that is running well should be maintained and improved. Management of educational innovation is an effort oriented to the quality of human resource management by building strong motivation, good communication, solidarity, and being able to solve problems.

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