The Role of Errors Management in Achieving the Organizational Renewal: An Empirical Study in the Directorate of Samawah Municipality

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Ameer Neama Mukif ,Israa Taha Ahmed


The paper started with a list of real-world problems that defined the conceptual and intellectual framework for the research variables (error management and organizational renewal). The report will examine the degree of significance of the study variables and the number of ways in which error management can be applied to manage organizational renewal properly. The descriptive and analytical approach used as a research tool, the questionnaire forms used and distributed to the departments and divisions of the directorate, which consisted of (45) items are distributed on (25) items for the variable of error management, and (20) items for the variable of organizational renewal. The study included two fundamental theories to examine the association and impact relationships. Also, it had a more comprehensive research group (119). The sample size table approach was used for a community of 100 to evaluate the sample size that should be 98 for 100. (119). The programs of SPSS .V.23 and Microsoft Office Excel 2007 were used, along with The Weighted Arithmetic Mean, The Standard Deviation, The Relative Value, Cronbach alpha, The Kurtosis, and Skewness Coefficients for data processing and to check the validity of the study hypotheses. One hypothesis of association and another of impact is accepted. The study suggested that the company employ the error management principle and its dimensions to facilitate organizational renewal.

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