Internalization Of Tolerance In The Freedom Of Expression Era

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Hartono Hartono


The purpose of this study is to examine the values ​​of tolerance and freedom of opinion in the era of technological and information advances in a pluralistic Indonesian society. This empirical research method was carried out by doing in-depth observations on Indonesian people's lives and literature review. Findings of research are freedom of opinion becomes a very complicated matter when everyone expresses their expression without regard to morals or libel on the basis of opinion freedom.

They often use terms instead of the actual meaning deliberately made in multi-perception with implicit argumentation. The hate speech which is wrapped in multi-perception will threaten the diversity and unity of the nation as a great nation because of differences. This becomes a serious matter when conveyed on social media by hiding behind religious dogma, fake accounts and the hoax news business. Consequently, it is necessary to internalize the value of tolerance in the freedom of expression era in term of the information technology advancement and social pluralism.

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