The Effectiveness of Research Based Learning in the Inferential Statistics Course in the Islamic Economics Department of IAIN Tulungagung

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Elok Fitriani Rafikasari, Ahmad Supriyadi, Fitri Handayani


Inferential Statistics is a course that requires an appropriate learning strategy to improve students' critical thinking skills. This course underlies students to conduct the research especially in analyzing research data for the purpose of the final project. In fact, the limited understanding of students to this subject matter resulted in the research of students in the Department of Islamic Economics of IAIN Tulungagung only limited in correlation and regression even though there are many methods that can be used. One learning method can improve student understanding is Research Based Learning (RBL). The purpose of this study is to analyze the effectiveness of RBL in Inferential Statistics courses compared to conventional methods. The results of the analysis used the Mann-Whitney test () indicate that the RBL method is more effective than conventional methods to improve students' understanding of Inferential Statistics lectures with an average value of 85.47.

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