Sorogan Hanacaraka, A Teaching Model in Introducing Javanese Scripts in Elementary Schools

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Dwiana Asih Wiranti, Wulan Sutriyani


The purpose of this study is to describe the sorogan hanacaraka, teaching model which can be used as a means of introducing Javanese scripts at the elementary school level and is effective in learning during a pandemic. Sorogan Hanacaraka is in the form of a Javanese book which contains an introduction to Javanese characters from legena to sandhangan. The formulation of the problem includes how the content of hanacaraka teaching materials is, how its validity is, and how the method of using hanacaraka slogans in learning. Qualitative descriptive method was chosen to answer the problem formulation. The results of this study describe the content of making sorogan hanacaraka which consists of an introduction to reading and writing Javanese legena and clothing scripts. From the results of expert validation, Sorogan Hanacaraka obtained an average value of 3.7 which means it is classified as good. In addition, this teaching material is very suitable to be applied with the sorogan method, as is usually used in Islamic boarding schools. Based on this method, this teaching material is called sorogan hanacaraka.

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