Scale Development Study: " The Thought of the Managers Working in the Temporary Education Center about the Integration of Refugee Students to the Turkish Education System"

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Background: Migration; is defined as the geographic displacement of communities or individuals due to economic, religious, political, etc. reasons. Syrians coming to Turkey from  and living a good life to Syrian even more significant in terms of safety, nutrition, shelter, it is in anticipation to meet basic needs such as health.Methods: In this study, the development, analysis and findings of the Temporary Education Center Coordinators 'Views on Refugee Students' Integration to Education Scale are listed and was conducted by the researcher to determine the views of the Coordinators regarding the integration of Syrian students into the education process. A total of 365 coordinators participated in the study in the 2017-2018 academic year. In this study, “The Views of the Coordinators of Temporary Education Center on the Integration of Refugee Students into Education” scale was used; data were analyzed to SPSS and LISREL programs were used. Results: First of all, the scale was developed. The construct validity of the scale items was checked with exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.  Conclusions: Cronbach's alpha reliability of the 8 item 40 item scale was found to be 0.890 and is expected to shed light on educational policies for Syrian students. The scale is expected to shed light on further research and the development of educational policies for Syrian students.

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