The Crime of Kidnapping People in Iraq Causes, Challenges and Prevention

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Juma Abed Fayadh


This paper resents and examines the challenges tackle the control of criminal justice in Iraq with view of underline the insinuation with regard to occurrence of kidnap. To provide the goals of this study, qualitative techniques were utilized to produce data from interviewers. By using manual content analysis, the qualitative information generated from this work has been analyzed as well. The study illustrates the corruption, poor working conditions, court facilities, frequently transfer of police officers and uncooperative attitude of mobile phone lines are some of major challenges confronting the controlling of criminal justice in prosecution of kidnapping situations. The study recommended the government to stop paying lip service to the fight again corruption beside a review of conditions of services to the police man and judicial officers. There is required to provide functional vehicles to many prison authorities. Additionally, refurbishing and renovating decrepit building and further in many courts.        

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