The Structures of Literal Meaning According to Fundamentalists: An Analytical Study

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Layth A. Hameed, Nahidah J. Abdulhassan


The study of the literal meaning of the fundamentalists takes a direction other than that of others, because these letters have clear connotations of the meaning of the ignorance in which they are mentioned, and the fundamentalists' definitions of the letter differ according to their views on its meaning. All this goes along with the grammatical trend in the definition, and some of them said that the letter does not create a meaning for others. The sciences of the Arabic language were only established in the service of the texts of Islamic law, on top of which is the Noble Qur'an. There is no doubt that grammar was the most powerful of these sciences in understanding these sacred texts, directing their connotations, and defining their meanings, and their intimate relationship. There is no doubt that the science of grammar and the science of the fundamentals of jurisprudence are among the most special sciences that have arisen in the midst of the Qur'an. Understanding it is a jurist, or interpreting it in any way. Scholars' opinions differed on this subject, especially since linguistic research was not enriched by the people of the language despite its involvement in deduction sometimes, due to the fact that it was not a common element in the deduction process, and the meanings were distinguished by being independent, relational, or automatic, and these different trends in the literal meaning led the fundamentalists have devoted the literal meaning to one of the chapters of their study of the terminology of the origins, especially in the investigation of vocabulary. As for the third, then he mentioned the conclusion and the most important sources that dealt with in studying this topic.

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