The Direct Impact of Sanctions on Crisis Management of Unexpected Events in Iran

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Dr. Habibollah Abolhassan Shirazi, Mohammad Reza Abdollahi


The issue of the impact of sanctions on crisis management of unexpected events in Iran is one of the important issues that has not received much attention. In the last decade, the Islamic Republic of Iran has witnessed the most severe type of sanctions. At the same time, numerous unforeseen events, including floods and earthquakes, have caused great financial and human losses in recent years. This article attempts to examine the impact of sanctions on crisis management in Iran. The present article is a descriptive-analytical study and uses the library method. The results of the study indicate that economic sanctions have certainly always been associated with harmful effects that, without any distinction, harm the military and civilian forces, especially the vulnerable groups of countries. Difficulty and even lack of access to arbitrators, lack of currency transfer and the impossibility of providing medicine and in general the negative impact on the right to health and well-being of citizens and the inability of the government to ensure the right to health, are the most important negative effects of sanctions on crisis management of unexpected events in Iran.

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