Nature and Dimension of Business Risk in Downstream Natural Gas Distribution

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Lokesh Pant, Dr. Narinder Tanwar


This paper analyses nature and dimension of businessrisk in Downstream Natural Gas distribution or City Gas Distribution(CGD) in India. The paper tries to analyse risks which may affect business prospects of a CGD entity. Though, Natural Gas Distribution is more than 4 decades old in India, its presence was limited.It’s only recently i.e. post formation of Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) in 2009, the industry has started witnessing some major push to the industry. The Industry is evolving and so are the PNGRB regulations. These regulations, along with recent government policies w.r.t gas infrastructure and availability, push for e-vehicle, and auto industry pricing dynamics need to be studied to analyse business risks in the industry. This becomes even more imperative, given the huge capexinvolved in development of City Gas Distribution infrastructure in India.

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