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See Chee Latt, Habibah @ Norehan Haron


Transforming the higher education delivery system towards a flexible and entrepreneurial, in nature, is a long term process and progression in order to create a global, holistic and well balanced with entrepreneurship mind-set graduates who are able to be a job creator rather than job seeker. Therefore, this paper aims at evaluating the Higher Education Institutions Entrepreneurship Action Plan 2016-2020 in delivering a sustainable entrepreneurship education in engineering curriculum. This study builds on existing literatures, selected reports, journals, and websites and employing content analysis method to derive the outcome. The finding shows positivity and optimistic of the Action Plan. Further investigation demonstrate graduates from intake Year 2015 and Year 2016 were the most influenced by the plan. This paper concludes that having a sustainable entrepreneurship education in the engineering curriculum development plays a very crucial role in ensuring a successful and conducive entrepreneurship ecosystem in realisation Malaysia’s dream as ‘Entrepreneurial Nation’. Some recommendations for future research to increase the sustainability of the entrepreneurship education in engineering curriculum were proposed.

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